While having international quality certificates is a prerequisite for oining, the Syndicate services
to provide guidelines and encourage the members to move even beyond customary standards.
Products manufactured by the member companies cover a wide range of different medical
equipment. Therefore the Syndicate is able to offer a one stop shop solution to most hospitals,
clinics and other health care establishments. The Syndicate plans to achieve this goal by consolidating
representation and have single strong agent for all member companies.

About Us

Iranian Syndicate of Medical Equipment Exporters was established in 2010. Members are all
reputed companies which enjoy satisfying a significant percentage of the local market reqirements.
their distinct position has been gained through years of supplying the market with high quality
products and offering excelent after sales service. The member companies are also very active in
exporting their products to many countries.
The Syndicate was created with the aim of joining and coordinating these efforts, thereby ensuring
that international customers receive the best products and services. It is sought that Syndicate
logo be recognized as a seal of product and Service quality.

Syndicate Services

Introducing member companies to global markets

The union maintains links with global markets in a variety of ways so that they can be a bridge between Iranian companies and global markets. This is done by holding exhibitions, conferences and so on.

We are at your side in the administrative process

One of the most important tasks of unions is to help their member companies solve their challenges with governments so that their administrative processes can be resolved faster and easier.

Increasing export knowledge of medical products

At the union, by holding various meetings and conferences, and inviting senior practitioners and practitioners in the field of medical engineering product exports, we strive to enhance our members’ knowledge and experience in the face of the challenges ahead.