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about nakhbafanharir

Silk weavers company with 30 years of experience as the most equipped unit of hospital textiles and clothing, using the latest technical knowledge and technology of textile machinery is a manufacturer of hospital clothing.
The company consists of units with coordinated capacities and together. The design and selection of production line machines has been done in such a way that by using the latest technical knowledge and technology, we have a high capability in producing all kinds of hospital clothes and garments in accordance with international standards.

This will enable us to reach global markets. Attention to global commodity markets, communication with world-renowned companies in the production and distribution of clothing, the introduction of the company’s own brand at home and abroad to maintain a presence in the production of fabrics, are among the items that silk weavers have always considered and Has been and will be the basis of this company.

On the other hand, NakhBafanHarir Company, with special attention to research and development and with a practical and forward-looking approach, is trying to spend its significant technology simultaneously with the formation of the organization’s architecture, its information technology architecture based on the latest achievements. Establish the world and use new management methods. NakhBafanHarir Company is now proud to offer its services and products to all medical centers and hospitals in the country, with an ideal range of domestic sales.