iranian syndicate of medical equip ment exporters

Union of Medical Equipment Manufacturers and Exporters of Iran

Our goal is to improve the level of production of Iranian medical equipment, increase the quality and compatibility with modern world science, export to global markets and support knowledge-based companies
About Ivan Parto Jam

Ivan Parto Jam Company, as a manufacturer of medical and specialized equipment for emergency and rescue in the country, started its activities first through the parent company and with the aim of providing emergency medical services in 1973, with the establishment of the first private ambulance in the country called Behroyan Company. . Continuing the activities of the managers of this group, as the core of Ivan Parto Jam Company and in the form of a family company, its new activities in the field of design, production and sale of specialized emergency and rescue equipment, various clinics and mobile hospitals as well as ambulances ( Vans, buses, vans and trailers) have been started in Iran since 1997 This trend has been followed after the establishment of Ivan Parto Jam Company in 2011 with the same managerial perspective and during this period, relying on the experience of managers and founders of the company and also using modern technical knowledge in the industry, has been able to meet the highest level of standards. International as well as cooperation with prominent domestic and foreign experts and designers to improve their products in terms of quantity and quality and to occupy a major share of domestic and regional markets. Other activities of Ivan Parto Jam Company are designing, producing and equipping various advanced clinics and field hospitals based on mobile structures such as buses, containers and inflatable structures, which by using sufficient expertise and experience and with the help of the best technologies in the field of production. Such modern structures have provided the possibility of meeting this urgent need at all levels of research, training and operations and in the best way.