iranian syndicate of medical equip ment exporters

Union of Medical Equipment Manufacturers and Exporters of Iran

Our goal is to improve the level of production of Iranian medical equipment, increase the quality and compatibility with modern world science, export to global markets and support knowledge-based companies
about Media TebTajhiz

Media TebTajhiz Co. was established in 2011 and started this activity by production, sale and after sale services of surgical suction ,device and accessory of any suction, types of infection control bags and respiratory filters.This company in the 19th International Exhibition of Iran Health announced it’s presence officially.As the first producer of Emergency Infection Control Bags and ostomy bags, Media TebTajhiz Co. considers high quality services and products as the most important factor for it’s development.
By implementing and deploying new quality management systems such as ISO9001:2015,ISO13485:2016, ISO10002:2018, ISO10004:2018 tries to provide the best services to the medical and health community of the country.Throughout out years of business, we offer our sense of intimacy and integrity by utilizing the opportunities available in a positive energy environment.Supporting health and treatment is our inherent duty.” PROFESIONAL TREATMENT ASSISTANT