iranian syndicate of medical equip ment exporters

Union of Medical Equipment Manufacturers and Exporters of Iran

Our goal is to improve the level of production of Iranian medical equipment, increase the quality and compatibility with modern world science, export to global markets and support knowledge-based companies

About Negar andishgan

Negar andishgan Company has been a designer, manufacturer and provider of after-sales services for EEG and EMG devices and their accessories since 1998. At present, with nearly 23 years of activity in the field of production of amplifiers and displays of vital signals, the company is proud that it has been able to install more than 2,000 EEG and EMG devices in the most prestigious hospitals and medical centers in the country and private offices of specialized doctors. General Society of Neurologists and Neuroscience, Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine. The company is also the first manufacturer of Long-Term Video EEG monitoring in the country and among the few manufacturers of this device in the international arena. At present, in order to grow and flourish, the research and development team of Negar andishgan Company is trying to eliminate the country’s need to import medical equipment in this field by designing the latest products in the field of neuroscience and Cognitive Sciences.