iranian syndicate of medical equip ment exporters

Union of Medical Equipment Manufacturers and Exporters of Iran

Our goal is to improve the level of production of Iranian medical equipment, increase the quality and compatibility with modern world science, export to global markets and support knowledge-based companies

about Parnian gostar parto sanj

Leap in production is an inherent thing and the main strategy of Parnian Gostar knowledge base Company is a radiometer, and relying on God Almighty, in 1399, relying on local knowledge and using internal capacities, we will be the only manufacturer of Haifu facial device and The top manufacturer of Diode laser and Alexandrite laser for hair removal, we take an important step in the direction of the demands of our dear customers in the field of skin and hair, and by using a specialized team and experienced staff, the highest quality products in the world with the best price, sales conditions and after service. Offer sales in the country.