iranian syndicate of medical equip ment exporters

Union of Medical Equipment Manufacturers and Exporters of Iran

Our goal is to improve the level of production of Iranian medical equipment, increase the quality and compatibility with modern world science, export to global markets and support knowledge-based companies

About Rams Asa

of experience and knowledge in the ever increasing demands for efficient and modern Medical Equipment, Ambulances and Emergency Medical Services (E.M.S) in the Middle-East region, the Management of RAMs ASA Co. has proceeded to register the said company as a Manufacturing and Commercial company in IRAN.
The Management’s desision
was taken to make optimum use of the exeptional opportunities available in this developed zone, in order to better serve our customers and fulfill our organizational commitments to enhance the standards of general Healthcare and provide better emergency cares in unforeseen events and for accident victims.
The main objective
of the Management Team and Personnel of RAMs ASA Co. is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction by providing quality services and products