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About Aalipayam

Aalipayam Medical Engineering Company was established in 1995 as the first and sole manufacturer of Phaco / Vitrectomy machine in Iran and the Middle East in order to localize high-tech products.
The company started its work with a number of top ophthalmologists and experienced medical engineering experts with the aim of designing and producing ophthalmic equipment and was identified and introduced as one of the first knowledge-based companies.
AaliPayam in the first steps of its activity with the design and production of vitrectomy device won the third place award for creativity from the 10th International Kharazmi Festival and Sheikh Baha’i Entrepreneurship Award.
Production, supply and export of various ophthalmology products in accordance with the latest European CE standards, as well as expert selection and import of some quality products and brands from around the world, such as lasers, ultrasounds, imaging systems and consumables and clinics cause credibility and reputation for company in this area.
Now AaliPayam, consisting of qualified and trained experts, experienced engineers, R&D personnel, production line, marketing and sales, as well as the administrative department, has created employment for dozens of workers who are providing the best possible services to customers in order to attract their satisfaction and improving the quality of treatment in the health sector.