iranian syndicate of medical equip ment exporters
About AvanTeb

Beginning its activity in designing and maintenance of medical equipment in 1990, The AvanTeb founders group succeeded to build GHV-175 electro-surgery device for the first time in Iran which was successfully employed by the Vice-Chancellor in Treatment of Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences for Lumbar discectomy surgery in Golestan hospital of Ahvaz in the same year. The company has continued its activity changing its name to Avan Teb Company since 1996.
Besides, Smart Ablation technology was produced by local Knowledge, for the first time in the world after the US, by Avan Teb Company in 2011. Utilizing modern technology and applying quality management standards (ISO13485 and ISO9001) and receiving various approvals including the production license from Medical Equipment Administration, CE badge and other reliable centers, Avan Teb has attempted at designing, producing and exporting a wide range of electro-surgery devices, Hi-tech accessories and operating room sterile packs.
Our goal, throughout two decades of activity, is reaching sheer satisfaction of the medical society and the best position in surgical equipment industry. We hope our honest endeavor in this serious way, contributes to promoting the name of Iran, our beloved homeland.