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About Farzaneh Arman

Farzaneh Arman Co., Ltd (FAR TEST) lunched since 1999. We are responsible for healthcare that has been producing medical and laboratories products. Farzaneh Arman Co., Ltd was created basis to develop and research Healthcare products. We focus on laboratory and diagnostics method because our knowledge is gained through more than 20 years’ experience provides the foundation for reliable growth. Generally, our main products classify in 3 fields include laboratory device, blood collection test tubes and laboratory kits and reagents.

– Laboratory Device: We produce Some type of centrifuge devices include Low speed bench top centrifuge, High speed bench top centrifuge, High speed refrigerated centrifuge, Low speed floor type centrifuge, Low speed floor type refrigerated centrifuge. Some type of mixing devices includes Heater stirrer, Heater stirrer with external sensor, Rotary Shaker and etc.

– Blood collection test tubes: They include some kinds of blood collection test tubes which are Vacuum test tubes or Non-vacuum test tubes. Blood test tubes contain different additives like EDTA, Sodium Citrate, Separation Gel, Clot Activators, Sodium Fluoride, Lithium Fluoride and etc.

– Laboratory Kits and Reagents: Our products include some kinds of microbiology reagents, cytology and histology stain kits and etc.
Our Vision:
Our vision is to be the healthcare leading company in the Middle East and beyond by focusing on diagnostic and laboratory products. We strive to be trusted by our customers and create the most satisfying experience for them through all precise diagnostic products and superior services. In order to accomplish this, Farzneh Arman Co., ltd. is recognized for its commitment for enhancing responsibilities of all employees to customer’s needs and always keeping our core values top of mind.

Our Mission:
Improving people’s health through the developing reliable and innovative diagnostic methods for diseases’ diagnosis