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About Harir Gloves

In 1977 Iran Harir Gloves® manufacturing company was established as a privately held company with the goal of providing highly specialized industrial and household latex gloves. Shortly after, we introduced ourselves as a market leader not only in production and procurement facilities, but also in delivering top quality products. The 90’s was a turning point for the company. Applying a new approach in leadership, the company was able to grow and expand successfully and this enabled us to deliver the highest quality of products to meet the consumer’s demands.

Through strategic leadership, we were able to strengthen our position in the marketplace and eradicate the need for importing gloves. Years of research and development and the constant goal to improve our products led to the production of the highest quality in household, heavy duty and industrial gloves, which meet international quality standards. In 2014, we developed and introduced a premium line of woven gloves with durable coating suitable for heavy duty use to the market as a new member of the (Ostad Kar®), our famous and well-known brand name.

Knowledge based management, strong leadership, consistent quality and the highest standards of customer service are the foundation in which we have successfully maintained our position as industry leader in the past several decades in Iran. This has led us to achieve the highest International certification in quality and management. The medical division of Harir Gloves also was developed with technologies and standards inherited from Sonnheim Medical Germany®.