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about Idea No

Idea No Company was established in 1990. Its main activity until 2013 has been the implementation of telecommunication and computer projects. At this year, Idehno put the design, manufacture of compression and transfer real time image equipments, and succeeded in launching the product of native video conferencing in 2015.
In the same years, Idehno designed and built many parts of ventilator for a European brand and designed and built a medical system (home telemedicine). Then Idehno completed the health system project (Mobile Health), that lunched at the Elecomp exhibition in 2015 and in the same year, it won the National Information and Communication Technology Festival. In this project, the aim was to use the capabilities of a smartphone in monitoring and preventing diseases based on artificial intelligence. The company also had a request for cooperation from Hamrah Aval – Irancell in 2013 and 2014, which led to the signing of cooperation agreements after the economic review of the project. This issue has become very important all over the world after the corona paddy. According to the knowledge available in the company since 2013, Idehno designed and produced telemedicine system (telemedicine) in several models with different capabilities, which is now available in various hospitals and universities in Iran with the approach of treatment, counseling and even training in Operating rooms are used alongside expensive laparoscopic equipment of the world’s largest companies. In 2019, we were recognized as an innovative company in the Vice President for Science and Technology. Also with aims to create a knowledge environment in the company, consisting of young graduates and access to new markets based on the company’s existing products such as video conferencing and webinars and e-health. (Lifestyle change), and using the legal capacity of science and technology parks in development based on new technologies, we became a member of Sharif University Science and Technology Park in 2000. In the same year, we have been accepted as knowledge-based company. Since 2014, we have participated in most domestic exhibitions related to the field of information and communication technology and medicine, and we have also had booths in several international exhibitions abroad. In the field of work, the company has memorandums of cooperation with the University of Medical Sciences of the University of Tehran and a contract for the purchase of technical knowledge with the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Tehran.
Our vision:
Distinguished company in values in order to be among the top 10 companies in the field of telemedicine in the next 5-year.
Our Mission:

Idea No Company wants to be a manufacturer, exporter and service provider of new and superior services and solutions in medical engineering, telemedicine by R&D