iranian syndicate of medical equip ment exporters
About mashinsazihosseini

NIAMSH Co. is a pioneer in the design and manufacturing of disposable medical devices, pharmaceutical industries, experiment tools, and food production factories. We provide various services in this field.
The personnel of this facility have twenty seven years of experience, and are ready to provide services in the consultation, design and manufacture of production machines, packaging and sterilizing the medical and pharmaceutical devices and foods, providing the machines for packaging and sterilizing the medical devices and etc, preparation and the purchase of the machines for packaging and sterilizing the medical devices, installation and the setup of production machines, design of production factories, production and packaging of disposable medical devices, providing services for the manufacture of clean rooms and air handling units for medical devices, and medical, pharmaceutical, and food devices.
The Gold Category certificate in recognition of NIAMSH Co.LTD. received in Paris in the year 2013 International Star for a leader in quality Award.