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about parsian medical

Parsian Medical Co. is an IRANIAN company with its Corporate, Manufacturing, and R&D sections; located in Tehran found in 2002.
The mission of Parsian Medical Co. is to develop products for hospital and health care facilities. Parsian Medical Co is active as manufacturer of medical products. Best quality and reasonable price are our goals those we achieved since more than 17 years in the market.
We reached more than 10 million USD turn over yearly and are trying to expand the market globally.
Parsian Medical Co. innovative product range:
• The Handoxy701 System, a handheld monitor with wide range of parameter.
• ABADIS707 vital signs monitor.
• ABADIS907 vital signs monitor.
• ACCUCAP901 Capnography system.
• ACCUDIS908 vital signs monitor.
• PM2019 Oximetry module.
Our marketing chain in IRAN helps us to find new project and supply them with our engineering team to utilize their systems. We also have company chain in South Korea and Germany to support us for expand our products market.
We will welcome all companies decide to be our partner or distributor for our products.