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About Pharmed Polymer Ryan

Manufactured according to the following standards:
– Specific standard IEC60601-2-2
– General standard IEC60601-1
– Skin compatibility standards ISO10993-5 and ISO10993-10

In six bipolar and monopolar models for infants, children and adults.
The use of non-woven spunbond allows heat to disperse more efficiently and reduces the probability of causing burns.
Creates an even current on the patient’s skin using a specially formulated adhesive.

Producing the product at the factory in accordance with cleanroom and GMP standards with the CE and ISO13485 certificated.

Manufacturing is done through automation with the latest technological advance to reduce costs and to increase efficiency at pharmed polymer.

In pharmed polymer we believe that aligning design features in a great manufacturing environment will allow us to create a customer oriented market.

Research with short term and long term in mind has been a not distinguishable policy of our company.

A tendency to create high-tech products and supplying local market and creating an international market has been and is apriority.