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about shangarf teb engineering

Founded in 2007, ShangarfTEbEngineering Co., LLC. (STECO), Specializes in centralized medical gas piping system. STECO is a leading medical gas equipment manufacture with its high quality, innovative and solution oriented products in accordance with international standards.
STECOmanufactures all the major units required from modern gas network from medical gas plant through to medical gas outlet.
STECO products include Degreased Copper Tube and Fitting, Lockable Line Valves, Area Alarm Valve Box, Gas Manifolds, Bed Head Units, Rigid/Retractable and Multi-Movement Pendants, Medical Gas Outlet, Flowmeter, Wall Suction, Medical Air Compressor Systems and Central Vacuum Systems.
As a clear sign of sense or responsibility in healthcare sector, all STECO products are manufactured in its production facility in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and OHSAS 18001 quality management systems.
In our efforts to remaining at the top of industry, we have continually directed substantial resources to the research and development of our products as well as constantly refined our manufacturing process through open communication channels with our clients.
STECO continues to follow its tradition of high quality while expanding to meet the needs of industry and advancing towards ever brighter future.