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aboutToloSadranshinan Pars

In the first step, ToloSadranshinan Pars Company produced disposable electrosurgical plate. This path began with a detailed study of the models and brands on the market. The research team of this company, with years of experience in the field of electrosurgery devices and accessories, fully acquainted with the various models available, and in consultation with customers and specialists in medical centers and reviewing their requirements, drew their initial plan.
After consulting with top foreign and domestic manufacturers of raw materials, visiting plate manufacturing factories abroad and participating in prestigious foreign exhibitions, the company completed the final design and model based on its technical knowledge and experience.
High quality and emphasis on its continuity has been one of the inviolable principles of this company, that passing all international standards, successful clinical evaluations, obtaining production licenses and finally customer satisfaction all indicate the accuracy of this issue.
The company intends to introduce other new products to the market in the near future with the cooperation of its customers and staff.




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