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About Tosan Tajhiz

Tosan Tajhiz Company started its activity in 1998 in designing and manufacturing products in the field of infection control
The overall vision of the organization was defined as follows:

• Presenting products in accordance with valid international standards
• Creating innovation and updating products and services to customers
• Increase customer satisfaction
• Increase customer reliability
• Reduce energy and water consumption
We using continuous research and development(R&D) processes to meet the requirements and needs of customers in products Creates effectively. In this regard, quality control and assurance steps as key and important points are done accurately. ISO 13485, ISO 9001 quality assurance standards were adopted in 2007. CE Mark was also obtained in 2011 from TUV International Group. ISO 15883: Part 1-4 standards are the basis for product design, manufacturing and testing. The product groups are as follows:
• Surgical Instruments Washer and disinfector
• Endoscop washer & Disinfection Machine
• Endoscope drying and Storage Cabinet
• Bedpan washer & Disinfection Machine
• Disposable Water Proof Pulp Dishes of human Waste
• Macerator Machine for Pulp Dishes
• Medical Refrigerator
• Indicators(chemical)
• Nano Filter for Medical Mask

The efforts of Tosan Tajhiz Company are based on the experiences, innovations and continuous research of its specialized staff in addition to customers satisfaction and reducing energy and water consumption can ensure the correct operation of