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about Tosan

Tosan Company was established in 1983 with the goal of proving cost effective solutions and improving neonates’ lives through meaningful innovation in the areas of health care.
Tosan Company was a pioneer in Iran in the manufacturer of products devoted to neonatal systems, the first product being an infant incubator named Mozhdeh which has been considered as the main product of the company since its production and still being produced. The mission of Tosan Continues to develop innovations focused on reducing costs, increasing access and improving quality around the world. Tosan intends to develop into the leading company on market of neonatal medical equipment and technologies.
Our objective is to become not only a respected manufacture, but also a guide for new challenging methods of treatment and medical education.The appealing and the user friendly features found in Tosan products which have expanded to include Resuscitator ,Home Phototherapy, Intensive Phototherapy Unit, Infant Cot, Oxygen Hood and Head Holder as well as the principle product which is incubator.
Tosan has always absorbed and used new technologies in developing its products. The most recent project is the home phototherapy that has been presented and received award in Denmark and offers a number of advantages. At the heart of Tosan’s innovative efforts are the activities of the company’s design and development team, which works towards developing products that meet international standards.